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Water Spirits Redux

Water Spirits Redux

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Daughtrey, Nathan

Medium Concert Percussion

7 Players

"Water Spirits Redux" is a feature for 7 percussionists and electronic track that was inspired by the myth of Glaucus and Scylla in Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses.’ In essence, the myth is a love triangle between Glaucus (a mer-man), Scylla (a nymph), and Circe (a witch). In short, Glaucus loves Scylla. Scylla does not love Glaucus, as she finds his half-fish form repulsive. Glaucus goes to Circe to ask her to cast a love spell on Scylla so that she will fall in love with him. Instead, Circe falls in love with Glaucus. When he does not return her affections, Circe takes it out on Scylla by poisoning the water in which she was bathing. This turns Scylla into a hideous sea monster with the head of six serpents and a waist of six vicious dogs. The piece follows the outline of the myth, which is filled with darkness, longing, love, denial, and betrayal.

Instrumentation: Percussion 1: Bells, Xylophone, Ocean Drum, Low Drum Percussion 2: Vibraphone, Low Drum, Marimba [shared] Percussion 3: 4.3-octave Marimba [shared], Chimes, Low Drum Percussion 4: 4 Timpani, Suspended Cymbal Percussion 5: Snare Drum, Bongos, Small Ribbon Crasher, Woodblock, Suspended Cymbal Percussion 6: 4 Concert Toms, Large Ribbon Crasher, Hi-Hat, China Cymbal Percussion 7: Concert Bass Drum, Tam-Tam, Wind Chimes, Optional Multi-Bass Drum (or Kick Bass laid flat)

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