Clinics & Workshops

There is nothing more fun and satisfying than helping a group of musicians move forward during a workshop or clinic. That is why we'd love to get in touch with your organization, (marching) band or percussion ensemble to discuss what we can do for you in that area. 

We can organize a gathering with different bands and ensembles to work on technique and rehearse a fun piece, but it’s also possible to organize guest rehearsals at bands or ensembles that play our music and are looking for input from the composer or arranger.

In recent years, our composers and arrangers have been guests of various bands and ensembles in, among others, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and The Netherlands. 

Our starting point is to always create a pleasant and educational experience for all participants.

Below you will find information about a number of "standard" percussion workshops that we have developed over the years.

  • The Groovy Drum Band
  • Marching Percussion
  • Mallet Technique
  • Snare Drum Technique

  • If you are you looking for other musical workshop, please contact us. Thanks to the network we have built over the years, there are many possibilities in cooperation with different (inter)national partners and well-known guest teachers. 

    The Groovy Drum Band

    Many European marching drum bands are still playing al lot of traditional music. Did you know that nowadays there are many “groovy” drum band pieces available that will get your audience moving?

    Influences from pop music
    These pieces contain a lot of influences from contemporary pop music and are, especially for younger members, more fun to play than the traditional marching drum band music, because the pieces are much more in line with the perception and experience of younger players.

    Groovy music

    Workshop leader Dirkjan van Groningen is specialized in writing “groovy” music for drum bands and (marching) percussion ensembles. Good examples are the following pieces he wrote for his “School Groove Packs” and “T&M Cadence Packs”, which consists of more volumes.

    Content of the workshop

    The workshop consists of explaining (basic) essential techniques and working on a great “groovy” drum pieces from one of the above packages. We can adjust the level of the workshop to the level of the players of your drum band or percussion ensemble, this makes the workshop very suitable for youth ensembles.

    More information?

    Interested in this workshop at your band, ensemble, (music) school or organization, please CONTACT US for a free quote.

    Here's an example of one of the pieces from Dirkjan's School Groove Pack as played by a couple of private students. 


    Marching Percussion

    How do you decide if a corps style drumline is what you are looking for with your ensemble or band? How about a marching percussion workshop with a lot of attention for rudiments?

    Skilled workshop leader

    Workshop leader Dirkjan van Groningen played at several well-known Dutch show band and drum corps. Besides that, he toured through the USA with Dutch Boy Drum & Bugle Corps. He’s also writing music and organizing clinics for different European marching bands, drumcorps, and marching percussion ensembles. With his experience and know-how he makes every workshop an interesting, informative and pleasant experience.

    Content of the workshop

    The workshop consists of explaining (basic) essential techniques for the different instruments from the marching percussion ensemble, which will be presented in different warm up exercises. We are also studying on a nice cadence or groove. We can adjust the level of the workshop to the levels and years of experience of the participants. 

    Interested in this workshop at your band, ensemble or (music) school, please CONTACT US for a free quote.

    Here is an example of one of the pieces from Dirkjan's 5 Short Grooves as played during a marching workshop in Cembra, Italy.


    Mallet Technique

    There are many European bands and ensembles that work with melodic percussion in addition to untuned percussion, but sometimes there is no specialist available who can tell you more (besides hitting the right bars) about sound, projection, choice of sticks and technique regarding the different melodic instruments?

    A dive into the deep end

    Did you know that if you seriously dive into that:

    • Your instrument can start to sound better
    • You can get things done more easily

    Essential part of your band

    In recent years Dirkjan has been a guest at different local and foreign groups to help the mallet section become an essential part of the band and has composed and arranged a lot of new music for these instruments.

    Content of the workshop

    During the workshop, attention is paid to:

    • 2 mallet technique
    • 4 mallet technique
    • Interplay

    Schedule a date

    Would you like to make use of the knowledge Dirkjan has gathered in recent years in the field of melodic percussion, please CONTACT US now to plan a workshop date with your organization, band or ensemble. 

    Here is an example of one of the pieces the participants studied during workshop in Bremerhaven, Germany. 


    Snare Drum Technique

    In most bands or ensembles, rehearsals are mainly focussed on studying new music and working on technique is mostly neglected. 

    Become more convenient

    Did you know that if you get serious about technique: 

    • you suddenly get things done in an easier way
    • your musical skills can get a big boost
    • making music will often become more fun

    Make practicing technique a fun activity

    Dirkjan has done a lot research into what you need as a percussionist to make practicing technique a fun activity. This resulted in a complete new method with which you can develop your technical skill in your own time an pace. The method includes tools:

    • make it easier to speed up your tempo
    • ensure that playing takes less effort
    • ensure that you get tired less quickly while playing
    • ensure that you can study music faster

    Free Trial Lessons

    If you would like to know more about this method, you can download the free e-book with trial lessons.

    Schedule a workshop

    It's also possible to invite Dirkjan for a workshop at your band or ensemble. So if you are looking for a fun and educational workshop to get some fresh input for your percussionists, please CONTACT US to schedule a workshop.

    Here are some examples from the video lessons coming with the book Practicing Rudiments & Technique Is Fun!