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Item no.: TSPCS16-006

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Alexander Singer & Robert McClure

Advanced Timpani Solo

Instrumentation: 4 timpani (23”, 36”, 29”, 32”), PA system (for audio component)

Warzone is a collaborative composition by Alexander Singer (timpani) and Robert McClure (fixed media). The programmatic content references the horror and chaos of war, the innocence of youth so frequently pushed to the front lines, the bravery of those who give their lives, and the rush of adrenaline and fear that accompany battle.

Air raid sirens, sounds from helicopters and airplanes, and explosions were all created to place the listener in the thick of combat. The timpani provides a physical manifestation of the mental stages of warfare from the training to the marches and finally to the heart-racing brutality.

As emotionally intense as it is virtuosic, Warzone will provide a visceral experience for audiences to witness, and a challenge for advanced performers.

This piece ships as a professionally spiral bound folio with a full color cover. Fixed media accompaniment track is included as a WAV file.

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