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Daughtrey, Nathan

Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion

11 Players

Originally written for solo clarinet and wind ensemble, Twitch was premiered at the 2016 Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic. The excitement from beginning to end is palpable. Even in the calmer sections, fast, syncopated motives are thrown around the percussion ensemble to keep the drive alive.

Instrumentation: Solo B-flat Clarinet Bells & Xylophone Vibraphone 1 Vibraphone 2 & Chimes Marimba 1 (4-octave)* Marimba 2 (4-octave)* Marimba 3 (4.3-octave)* Marimba 4 (5-octave)* Timpani & Slapstick Percussion 1 (snare drum, ribbon crasher, bongos, claves) Percussion 2 (hi-hat, 4 concert toms, suspended cymbal, temple blocks, wind chimes) Percussion 3 (bass drum**, tam-tam) *Marimbas 1 & 3 may share a 4.3-octave instrument. Marimbas 2 & 4 may share a 5-octave instrument. **A kick bass drum laid flat (or multi-bass drum) may be used in place of the concert bass drum whenever it instructs the player to dampen with a towel. A concert bass drum (without dampening) must be used from measure 108 through 129.

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