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by Alan Keown

Medium/AdvancedConcert Percussion

4 Players

Tink by Alan Keown was written for small instruments to be played with tiny implements giving it a light but tasteful sound pallete. Some sections of the piece are groove-oriented, while others are made to imitate the style of the contemporary composer, Paul Lansky. The instrumentation includes some found objects, like glass bottles, and instruments from different cultures like Japanese woodblocks, Chinese opera gongs, and nipple gongs.

Instrumentation: • Bongos (1 set) • Timbales (1 set) • 2 small China cymbals (high & low) • 4 small nipple gongs (2 high, 2 low)* • 2 opera gongs (high & low)* • Brake drum (slightly muffled) • 3 very small woodblocks (high, medium, low) • 2 glass bottles (high & low) *Possible substitutions: • Tin cans instead of nipple gongs • Stainless steel mixing bowls rather than opera gongs

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