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Three Scenes from the Desert

Three Scenes from the Desert

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by Alex Stopa

Easy/Medium Concert Percussion

2-5 Players

Instrumentation: • Vibraphone • Marimba (4.3-octave, low A) • Glockenspiel* • Djembe* • Suspended cymbal* • Mark tree* • Shaker* *Optional

In this updated version for two to five players, Alex Stopa has adapted his original version of Three Scenes from the Desert, making it more inclusive and expansive. This new ensemble version features optional extra mallet parts, and auxiliary percussion parts (playable by one or two players) adding subtle nuance and texture to the primary duet.

Using such small instrumentation, the three pieces retain a cohesive quality, though they each present their own distinct musical characteristics. Furthermore, they may be performed individually, or two or more works can be performed as a suite.

Adding to their versatility, these pieces are attainable by less experienced performers while also providing great material for interludes on collegiate concerts.

These pieces are:

Desert Sunrise (2–5 players) duet on shared vibraphone (with optional marimba and percussion)

Waltz for a Rainy Day (2–4 players) duet for marimba & vibraphone (with optional upper marimba and glockenspiel parts)

Red Rock Canyon (2–5 players) duet on shared marimba (with optional vibraphone and percussion) The previous duet version of Three Scenes from the Desert (TSPCD16-003) has been discontinued and is replaced by this newer, updated version.

In addition to the printed score you are receiving downloadable:

Individual Parts
Full Recording

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