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Third Rail

Item nr.: TSPCS-32

Third Rail

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John Ling

Advanced snare drum solo with audio accompaniment

Third Rail is a creative solo for snare drum with sequenced piano accompaniment. John Ling composed the piece in four short, episodic parts—Voltage, Traction, Crossroads, and Third Rail. Inspired by a train system, the piece conveys a sense of motion, of wandering and searching. Third Rail speaks to the traveler within all of us, and through its musical dialogue portrays the many journeys that life takes. The piece employs a multitude of percussive colors on the snare drum and requires precise tempo mastery and rudimental control. The sequenced accompaniment is provided in digital audio format and a variety of setup suggestions are given. A live piano accompaniment part (adapted from the audio sequence) is also included in the package.

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