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The River

The River

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by Seth Adams

Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion

12-13 Players

Instrumentation: • Glockenspiel • Chimes • Vibraphone (can be doubled) • 2 marimbas—low A • 4 timpani • Cymbals (large suspended cymbal, small suspended cymbal, crash cymbals) • Drums (timbales, congas, bass drum) • Tam tam • Accessories (2 shakers, windchimes, rainstick, vibraslap, cabasa, triangle, ocean drum) • Piano • Bass guitar

The River is a groove-oriented piece by Seth Adams that depicts a trip down New Hampshire’s Ammonoosuc River, known for its beautiful waterfalls and chilly, clear water. The opening portrays a ride down the rocky waters, twisting and turning through a mountainous area. The music shifts to darker tones halfway through the piece, symbolizing a plunge underwater as the journey continues downstream, culminating in a percussive tumble down a rocky waterfall. A restatement of the beginning material follows, suggesting playful eddies and swift currents until the adventure finally slows to a stop at the edge of a quiet pool. This engaging work includes solo opportunities and skillfully exploits the wealth of timbres and techniques available in a percussion ensemble.

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