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The Next Level

The Next Level

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Jeff Queen

Designed for the intermediate to advanced rudimental drummer, Jeff Queen's The Next Level is a comprehensive method for any player who desires to take his or her drumming beyond their current abilities. Starting with the fundamental techniques, Jeff Queen describes in detail all aspects of approaching the drum: from how to properly grip the sticks to applying the Moeller and Velocity Strokes to achieve maximum sound quality and endurance. Drawing from his vast drum corps, solo performance and teaching experience, Jeff details the basic techniques that comprise current rudimental styles: TWO HEIGHT CONTROL / TIMING CONTROL / DIDDLE CONTROL / BUZZ CONTROL / FLAM CONTROL For the advanced snare drummer, Jeff Queen will take you to The Next Level with: HYBRID RUDIMENTS / BACKSTICKING AND TRICKS / ACHIEVING SPEED / SOLO CONSTRUCTION Jeff finishes up the book with his own Championship solo, TRIBUTE, which gives us an inside perspective into the skills of a true master. The Next Level is destined to become one of the all time great books on the subject of rudimental drumming. All students (whether youre going to play snare drum or tenors) will benefit from this excellent resource!

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