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The King of Epic Validation

The King of Epic Validation

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by David K. Bakken

Easy/Medium Concert Percussion

7 Players

Instrumentation: • 4 timpani • Suspended cymbal • Drums (snare drum, tenor drum, bass drum) • Accessories (temple blocks, brake drum)

David K. Bakken’s septet, The King of Epic Validation, was named after one of his students, Kevin (K-King, E-Epic, V-Validation). The idea is that by successfully managing each of the varying time signatures presented in the piece, the performers would feel a strong sense of accomplishment, and therefore validated in their musical achievement. In addition to managing these time signatures, this piece, though sometimes short-lived, gives each performers the opportunity to be featured. As Bakken puts it, “[As teachers,] providing an opportunity for our students to excel is our highest ambition.”

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