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The Hybrid Compendium

The Hybrid Compendium

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Gary Griffith 

100 pages of pure rudiments for the advanced player. A monumental project that Gary Griffith spent over three months on, resulting in an extensive overview of over 3400 hybrid rudiments.  

You should think of a hybrid rudiment as a variation on an existing rudiment or a combination of multiple standard rudiments.  

The Compendium is separated by sticking first, then flam and diddle placement/other variations-such as blue cheeses or bursts.  

If you want to expand your knowledge of rudiments, and who wouldn't as a percussionist or drummer, then this the book is a must have for you!

🎁 As a bonus, you'll receive the latest update of the book! Because in the meantime Gary added another 400 hybrid rudiments to the book, so the score now stands at more than 3800 hybrid rudiments

Please note: If you order the book now, you are making a reservation. You will not receive the book immediately. We expect to begin shipping The Hybrid Companion in early June 2024.


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