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Golden Age of Ragtime, The

Golden Age of Ragtime, The

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by Eric Rath, Ralph Hicks

Ralph Hicks and Eric Rath, co-authors of the popular Five Minute Drill, Nine Minute Drill, and Beyond Basic Percussion are partners in crime yet again bringing this charming collection of xylophone solos to the world of percussion. The Golden Age of Ragtime features some of the most quintessential pieces of American music like Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin and Funny Folks by W.C. Powell. These authentic ragtime xylophone solos can be played with piano accompaniment, four-part marimba ensemble, or both!

Going one step further, Hicks and Rath have provided supplemental content in an effort to give an educational experience to performers. They've provided a brief history of ragtime, a full page of tips for more unique performances, suggested mallets for performance, and each solo is accompanied with a list of historical facts pertaining to the year the solo was written. This book is a must for any percussion educator!

Included in this collection:

  • Funny Folks by W.C. Powell (Med-easy - 3’15”)
  • The Nonpareil by Scott Joplin (Medium - 3’10”)
  • Colonial Glide by Paul Pratt (Medium - 2’50”)
  • Eugenia by Scott Joplin (Med-Advanced - 3’00”)
  • Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin (Med-Advanced - 3’00”)

The Golden Age of Ragtime ships as a fully-bound book with a sleek cover design by Jaime Crowley. It also ships with a CD containing recordings of each solo, practice tracks, parts for printing, and assignment charts.

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