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The Devil's Dance

The Devil's Dance

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by Igor Stravinsky; arr. James Ancona

Advanced Concert Percussion

8 Players

Instrumentation: • Glockenspiel • Xylophone • 2 vibraphones • 2 marimbas—low A • 5 timpani • Multipercussion (snare drum, field drum, bass drum, tambourine)

The Devil's Dance is a short animated movement from Stravinsky's famous theatrical work L'Histoire du Soldat. Originally written by Stravinsky for a small instrumental theater ensemble of two woodwinds, two brass, two strings, and one solo percussionist, James Ancona has preserved the original intent of this piece in a concert percussion setting of eight players. Meter changes occur frequently, while constantly shifting accents and dissonant harmonies give it a sinister and sarcastic tone.

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