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by Mason Lynass

Medium/AdvancedConcert Percussion

3-4 Players

Mason Lynass composed his percussion ensemble piece Tesserae so that it could be performed by 3 or 4 players and still hold its laid-back, groovy feel. It has elements of minimalism and “drum and bass” grooves. Depending on whether it’s performed as a trio or a quartet, the piece can be felt in two different ways: if performed by 3 players, the piece can be felt in 12/8 time and if performed by 4 players, the piece can be felt in 3/4 time. This piece was the winning work in Portland Percussion Group’s 2017 Call for Scores and was premiered in 2017 at the Shout House in Portland, Oregon.

Instrumentation: • Glockenspiel • Vibraphone • Marimba—low C • Drums (concert toms (2), bongos (2), pedal bass drum, drum set (snare, toms (2), kick) • Cymbals & gongs (sizzle cymbal (2), suspended cymbal, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, hi-hat) • Accessories (shaker)

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