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Francisco Perez

Medium-Advanced Vibraphone solo + audio

Instrumentation: Vibraphone, PA system (for performance audio component)

The hypercube – or “tesseract” – has been a commonly drawn-upon entity from which theorists conceptualize multiple dimensions beyond the three we percieve. Though this geometric figure has been associated with supernatural and metaphysical capabilities throughout literature and film, the tesseract is simply the four-dimensional analog of a cube similar to the relationship between a two-dimensional square and the three-dimensional cube.

Written for solo vibraphone and prerecorded mallet keyboards, Tesseract is the result of composer and percussionist, Francisco Perez’s exploration between the multiple aural “dimensions” unique to these instruments and the rhythmic capabilities they so naturally manifest. Rather than leading the listener through a programmatic narrative, the soloist acts as a sort of constant between the evolving layers and textures throughout, much like the tesseract serves as a point of reference to the fourth dimension. 

Tesseract ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover and includes performance audio tracks for rehearsal (with click included) and performance (without click).

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