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by Jim Casella

Easy/Medium Concert Percussion

8 Players

Technology by Jim Casella is written for eight percussionists of intermediate to beginning skill levels. Some parts are written to feature more advanced players (snare, toms, timpani), while other parts are more elementary for less experienced players. Based on a "techno" groove, this piece is sure to be a hit among high school percussion ensembles and audiences alike!

Instrumentation: ā€¢ Glockenspiel ā€¢ Xylophone ā€¢ 3 timpani ā€¢ Drums (snare drum, 4 tom toms, 2 additional toms, bass drum) ā€¢ Cymbals (hi-hat, suspended cymbal, ride cymbal) ā€¢ Accessories (triangle, temple blocks, small shaker)

In addition to the printed score you are receiving downloadable:

āœ… Individual Parts
āœ… Full Recording

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