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Carmean, Chris

Medium Concert Percussion

10-11 Players

"TBD" is a rock piece for percussion ensemble that suffers from an indeterminate title. Everyone including mallet players get to take part in the drum solo in the middle of this ten-player ensemble, with parts having a wide range of difficulty that allow an opportunity to find the right part for every player. Players and audience alike are sure to have fun as you rock out on "TBD," and are invited to help decide what “TBD” means!

Instrumentation: Glockenspiel + High Tom Vibraphone 1 + High Tom Vibraphone 2 + Suspended Cymbal, Medium High Tom Marimba 1 [4.3-octave] + Suspended Cymbal, Medium High Tom Marimba 2 [5-octave] + Medium Low Tom Timpani [5 drums] Drum Set Percussion 1: Crotales, Cabasa, Jam Block, Medium Low Tom Percussion 2: Mark Tree, Temple Blocks, Brake Drum, Cowbell, Suspended Cymbal, Tam-Tam, Low Tom Percussion 3: Mounted Tambourine + Triangle, Vibraslap, Rock Tambourine, Suspended Cymbal, Low Tom Bass Guitar [optional]

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