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Take Two

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Take Two

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Brian Blume

It "takes two" to tap off in this collection of medium-advanced duets for marching snare and tenor. These four pieces were smartly written by Brian Blume to function as audition pieces for a college-level program (or advanced high school level) or any time a snare player and tenor player want to get together to showcase their skills!

The pieces are short enough to remain attainable but will demand skill from each performer. Inside you’ll find:

Take Two — One phrase is followed by a second, similar phrase (a second take) through a variety of compositional devices. (1’40”)

Catchphrase — Phrases over the barline, phrases with space, and like phrases with different rhythmic values serve to challenge conventional wisdom. (1’20”)

Relentless — Mostly in 7/8 time, this one is relentless in its tempo and musical challenges. (1’15”)

Then Again — A throwback to more traditional rudimental works, you’ll find ratamacues, swiss army triplets, and even the double drag tap! (1’45”)

Take Two comes with a CD-ROM containing individual part PDFs and audio reference recordings. You supply the talent!


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