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Stompin’ in Seven

Stompin’ in Seven

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David Reeves

Advanced Multipercussion Solo

Instrumentation: Snare drum, Kick drum (w/double pedal), Hi-hat

The idea that would become Stompin’ in Seven has existed in the mind of composer David Reeves since 2002. Rooted in the drumming of Herlin Riley, who grew up in New Orleans and plays with Wynton Marsalis, the idea was to write a through-composed solo percussion piece in an improvisational style using as few instruments as possible. That ultimately came to mean a snare drum, a kick drum with double pedal, and hi-hat cymbals. The snare and kick serve as a dueling duet and the hats as accompaniment, only played with the left foot and never struck by the sticks. Reeves’s description of Riley’s playing also serves as a good descriptor of this terrific solo: “Powerful yet sensitive, gritty and earthy yet eloquent and refined, rooted in place by heavy doses of soulful groove.”

Stompin’ in Seven comes as a full, bound score and includes individual parts and a recording.

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