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Song for Jessica

Song for Jessica

Item no.: TSPCS20-004

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Jamieson Carr

Medium-Easy Marimba solo

Instrumentation: Marimba (4-octave)

Jamieson Carr’s medium-easy 4-mallet marimba solo entitled Song for Jessica, is a charming and endearing piece, perfectly suited for a young, developing marimbist. Written in 3/4 time and containing many dotted quarter-note rhythms, this piece helps the player to learn the concept of the hemiola as well as the basic 2 over 3 polyrhythm. It also contains musical passages that shift between single alternating strokes and double vertical strokes, giving the marimbist the opportunity to refine their technical motions in a musical setting.

Song for Jessica ships in a printed, professionally bound folio with a full color cover.

This solo also appears in Sequential Studies Volume 2 by Julia Gaines.  

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