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Chris Roode

Solid training on the snare drum is a critical aspect of musical development for any percussionist. Snarebrained is a compilation of 7 solos, 2 duets, and 1 trio by percussionist/educator Chris Roode that represents a contemporary approach to the rhythmic and technical demands of modern snare drum playing aimed at younger players. These works progress in difficulty throughout the book and would make a great complement to your existing percussion curriculum.

Suitable for lessons and peformance in recitals or festivals, the following works are included:

Solo: Reverberation (Beginner • 2’10”)
Solo: Rim-sky Korsakov (Beginner • 2’05”)
Duet: Ping Pong (Beginner • 2’05”)
Solo: Metamorphosis (Beginner/Intermediate • 1’50”)
Solo: Pseudo Rondo (Beginner/Intermediate • 2’25”)
Trio: Roll Passing (Beginner/Intermediate • 2’35”)
Solo: Waltz Remix (Intermediate • 2’25”)
Solo: Down Main Street (Intermediate • 2’45”)
Duet: Rock Out (Intermediate • 2’40”)
Solo: São Paulo Parade (Intermediate • 2’20”)

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