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Snare Drum Basics Method 1

Snare Drum Basics Method 1

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Dirkjan van Groningen

Snare Drum Basics is the more than complete method to educate percussionists to be able to play in a (marching) band or percussion ensemble.

Focussend on listening and responding to others

The method is written to familiarize percussionists with listening and responding to other (percussion) instruments right from the start, so they are able to function well in a band, orchestra or ensemble within a short period of time. 

How cool would it be that the below features would ensure that this can be done in a fun way? 

Volume 1 features: 

✅ 32 pages including 23 etudes and 58 reading/technique exercises
✅ 59 Play-along and groove tracks with all etudes and exercises
✅ Video lessons about all etudes and essential technical skills
Practice software to slow down the tracks

These features are designed to: 

👍 Learn essential reading and technical skills
👍 Learn to listen and respond to others
👍 Never have to doubt how to play an etude
👍 Enable them to prepare classes efficiently

Check the below video with different examples of exercises and video lessons from the method!

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