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Slow and Unsteady

Slow and Unsteady

Item no.: TSPCS22-003

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Robert Sanderl

Advanced Rudimental snare solo

Instrumentation: Snare drum (rudimental or concert)

Robert Sanderl wrote Slow and Unsteady to fulfill a simple concept: "...a solo for snare drum that was slow in tempo but dense in content." Although packed with advanced rudimental figures, the slow tempo allows for expressive freedom and great dynamic contrast. Sanderl cites the tradition of Swiss Basel drumming as a major inspiration for the style of the work.

In the composer's words: "I would encourage the performer to explore many different ideas with both pacing and phrasing. No two players should sound the same in their interpretation of this work." Additionally, he notes that any type of snare drum - concert or rudimental - is fine to use, and that the performer's touch can be personalized to fit their style and the drum used. This work is a highly musical showcase for the advanced snare drummer, perfectly suitable for recitals, contests, or just for the love of drumming!

Slow and Unsteady ships as a printed, professionally-bound folio with a full-color cover.

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