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by Clif Walker

Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion

8 Players

Instrumentation: • Crotales (high octave) • Glockenspiel • Xylophone • Chimes • 2 vibraphones • 2 marimbas—(1) low A, (1) low C • 4 timpani • Steel drums (lead pan & double seconds) • Piano • Cymbals & gongs (suspended cymbal, ride cymbal) • Accessories (3 woodblocks, jam block (high), mark tree, 2 triangles, spoxe, sleigh bells (bell tree, temple blocks)

Clif Walker’s Shine refers to the bright colors and textures he uses throughout the piece and also the brief moments in the piece where certain players are featured; where they have their opportunity to “shine.” The instrumentation largely consists of melodic instruments like glockenspiel, vibraphone, piano, marimba, and crotales, which help to create the brilliant timbres Walker employs. There are also a host of unique auxiliary instruments like sleigh bells, a bell tree, mark tree, and spoxe, which help round out the sound of the piece to make this a uniquely uplifting musical experience.

Shine was commissioned by Ray Ulibarri and Dan Morrison and the Ronal Reagan High School Wind Ensemble Percussion Section for the 2018 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic.

In addition to the printed score you are receiving downloadable:

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