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Shepherd’s Song

Shepherd’s Song

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by Ludwig van Beethoven; arr. Brian Slawson

Medium Concert Percussion

14 Players

Instrumentation: • Crotales • Glockenspiel • Xylophone • Chimes • Vibraphone • 6 marimbas—(1) 4-octave, (2) low A, (3) low C* *Shared

It's hard to imagine that Ludwig van Beethoven's delicate and good-natured Pastoral Symphony (No. 6) was composed at the same time (1807-08) as his rambunctious blockbuster Fifth Symphony ... not to mention they were both premiered at the same concert! Opening with the most recognizable four-note riff in the history of music, Beethoven's Fifth steamrolls its way through a tumultuous path of fate, fire, and fury while his Pastoral Symphony gently communicates his fondness for walks through the countryside and his love of nature.

The final movement,'"Shepherd's Song: Happy and Grateful Feelings after the Storm", is a remarkably joyful work, and through a large orchestration of mallet instruments, Brian Slawson creates a unique and crowd-pleasing way for percussion ensembles to communicate with sensitivity and richness.

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