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Rotating Brains

Item nr.: TSPCE16-002

Rotating Brains

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by Jason Lord

Medium/AdvancedConcert Percussion

4 Players

Chock full of aggressive polyrhythms, colorful timbres, and a driving, electronic audio accompaniment track, Jason Lord’s Rotating Brains is as unique as it is entertaining. Written for four multipercussionists, each player commands a mallet keyboard and a small drum setup. Speakers are to positioned in such a way that no click track should be necessary. Performers will play along to the accompaniment that the audience also hears. When the acoustic sound of the ensemble merges with the audio accompaniment, the experience will be otherworldly and energetic. A surefire crowd pleaser!

Instrumentation: • Crotales (1 octave) • Glockenspiel • Vibraphone • 2 marimbas—low C* • Drums (2 sets of bongos, 4 concert toms, floor tom) • Ribbon crasher • Audio playback system *With minimal alteration, the two low C parts can be covered by low F instruments.

In addition to the printed score you are receiving downloadable:

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