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John Willmarth

Easy Multipercussion Solo w/audio

Instrumentation: Snare drum, Large tom, Small tom,  Large cymbal, China cymbal (or any trashy metal), Sound system for audio playback

Rocktopus by John Willmarth is an beginner-level, 3-part solo for multipercussion, aimed at younger percussionists. Each movement is based on rhythmic themes from classic the rock songs Sunshine of Your Love by Cream, Iron Man by Black Sabbath, and Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. The instrumentation for Rocktopus is very limited and gives students with only a drumset at home the ability to learn a multipercussion piece, not to mention an introduction into the concert world of percussion. Each movement also includes optional audio accompaniment, adding a fun extra dimension to performances!

Rocktopus comes with a full, bound score and includes the audio accompaniment tracks as well a full reference recording of the piece.

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