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Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage

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by Jesse Monkman

Advanced Concert Percussion

4 Players

Instrumentation: • Vibraphone • Marimba—low C • Drums (bongos, 2 snare drums, 5 roto toms, 5 toms, 2 bass drums) • Cymbals & gongs (3 suspended cymbal, china cymbal, Chinese opera gong, tam tam) • Accessories (2 mounted tambourines, temple blocks, brake drum, bell tree)

Rite of Passage is an invigorating new work by noted composer/percussionist, Jesse Monkman. Perfect for advanced recitals and percussion ensemble concerts, it is sure to become the smash hit of your program! 

This piece is written for solo marimba and three percussionists with multipercussion setups. It was premiered at Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA, featuring Jesse Monkman (soloist/composer), Will Hudgins (Boston Symphony Orchestra), Ed Stephan, and Randy Johnston.

In addition to the printed score you are receiving downloadable:

Individual Parts
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