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by Stuart P. O’Neil

Easy/Medium Concert Percussion

11 Players

Instrumentation: • Flute (soloist) • 4 tuned crystal glasses (C, E, Eb, and F) • Glockenspiel • Xylophone • Chimes • Vibraphone (or marimba) • 4 timpani • Bass drum • Cymbals (suspended cymbal, sizzle cymbal) • Tam tam • Accessories (rainstick, windchimes, cabasa, triangle)

Stuart P. O'Neil's programmatic work for percussion ensemble and solo flute is a short study in minimalism and tone color. Rain, as it’s portrayed here, isn’t a drizzle or a thunderstorm. Rather, it’s a steady afternoon shower with a bit of rumbling in the distance, which provides ample opportunities for windchimes, tuned glasses, and other effects. The addition of solo flute, which exploits the full range of the instrument so is a little more difficult than the percussion ensemble as a whole, adds an airy, distant quality to the piece.

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