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by Brian Slawson

Easy/Medium Concert Percussion

13 Players

Instrumentation: • Chimes • Xylophone • 1 marimba—4.3-octave (low A) • 2 timpani • Drums (snare drum, bongos, 2 concert toms, bass drum) • Cymbals & gongs (pair of crash cymbals, tam-tam) • Accessories (vibraslap, temple blocks)

Recalling the film scores of spaghetti westerns from such composers as Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota, Brian Slawson’s Pistoleros is a tribute to the old time gunfighters of Mexico. In it, Slawson depicts the build up and earthshaking climax of an anxious, tension-filled battle. Because of the amount of space and stately tempo, Pistoleros is a great opportunity for young players to develop their sense of rhythm and their sense of ensemble cohesion.

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