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Nzuri Mwana

Item nr.: TSPCE18-003

Nzuri Mwana

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by Stuart P. O’Neil

Easy/MediumConcert Percussion

12–16 Players

Stuart P. O’Neil’s piece Nzuri Mwana is a work inspired by the rhythms and musical textures of Africa. Featuring a flute soloist who carries the melody throughout the piece, the accompanying percussion parts help provide an intensely joyful and energetic backdrop for the flute’s soaring melody. In Swahali, nzuri mwana means “good son,” a title which is fitting given that O'Neil has dedicated the piece to his son.

Instrumentation: • Flute • Glockenspiel • Xylophone • Marimba (low A)* • Timpani (4 drums) • Drums (djembe, bass drum) • Cymbals & gongs (china cymbal, tam tam) • Accessories (cabasa, 2 gankogui bells**, shaker, shaker, triangle) *Shared by Marimba 1 & Marimba 2 **Two dark, low pitched cowbells may be used as a substitute

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