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Nine Minute Drill

Nine Minute Drill

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by Eric Rath and Ralph Hicks

Nine Minute Drill picks up where its predecessor, Five Minute Drill, leaves off with a series of “next level” exercises for practice pad and mallet keyboard. Take intermediate students through the paces with their technique, rudiments, and ultimately their musicianship.

The download link leads to engaging play-along tracks at a variety of styles and tempos. Set up your pads or mallet instruments, press PLAY…and away you go! More fun than any metronome alone could ever be, these tracks will engage students in a way that only real musical compositions can.

Included in this collection:

  • 22 comprehensive exercises for practice pad and mallet keyboard
  • Download link to play-along tracks for each exercise at 3 different tempos
  • Data tracking tools so you can record your progress
  • Helpful tips and techniques anyone can benefit from

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