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Mutual Interest

Mutual Interest

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Gottry, Josh

Easy/Medium duet

Mutual Interest was written in recognition of the need for quality percussion duet s at the intermediate level for students with limited instrument resources or rehearsal space. Each piece uses instruments commonly available to middle school and high school percussionists, either personally or at their schools, and in small set-ups that are easily transportable and will fit in tight rehearsal spaces.

Exploring Infininty: Snare Drum, Bongos, Mounted Cowbell Block Watch: Woodblock, Handheld Tambourine, Handheld Shaker Flying Saucers: Low Tom, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat, Ride Cymbal Wrinkles: Snare Drum, Low Tom, Bongos, Mounted Tambourine (no head) Assembly Line: Bongos, Mounted Tambourine, Mounted Cowbell, Woodblock

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