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Minor Infraction

Minor Infraction

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by Rick Dior

Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion

9 or 13 Players

Instrumentation: • Glockenspiel • Xylophone • 2 vibraphones • Chimes • 3 marimbas—(2) low A, (1) low C • 4 timpani • Drums (snare drum, bongos, congas, bass drum) • Cymbals (suspended cymbal, thin crash cymbal) • Accessories (3 triangles, Zil-Bell, tambourine, shaker, small gong)

Masterful composer Rick Dior brings us a short, sweet, and somewhat perilous ride through both light and dark territory. Minor Infraction is scored for 9–13 percussionists, playable as a mallet/timpani-only ensemble or with a full complement of orchestral batterie and some Latin percussion.

This original composition is at once both simple and complex—A sweet yet simple melody expressed very intimately by a lone marimba starts the piece off and is soon joined by other voices in harmonious fashion. Soon after, however, we take a darker path into the woods where things become more uncertain. Complexity creeps out of the woodwork with complex time signatures, extremely fast tempi, and a three-part musical canon performed in the round. Finally, as if awakening from a dream, the piece ends as it began with the solo marimba melody.

Minor Infraction was scored for two mallets only and intended for medium to medium-advanced percussion ensembles. At just over four minutes in length, it goes by quickly but leaves a lasting impression.

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