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Russell Wharton

Advanced Marimba Solo + Multimedia

Instrumentation: Solo marimba (low A), Amplification system (for included audio accompaniment), Projection system (for optional video accompaniment)

Russell Wharton’s Metro is an homage to one of humanity’s greatest achievements; our bustling metropolitan centers. In his own words, Wharton describes our major cities as “both awe-inspiring and deeply frightening,’’ which also perfectly captures the variety of emotions contained within this multimedia piece for solo marimba. At one moment, the music is bright and reverential, at another moment, it’s dark, mysterious, and filled with introspection.

From a performance standpoint, the piece requires a broad range of advanced techniques that will highlight the virtuosity of today’s marimba artist. The solo also features a required audio accompanying track and an optional accompanying video, with stunning shots of some of the worlds most populous and advanced metropolitan centers.

Metro comes as a full, bound score and includes the audio accompaniment and optional accompanying video for download.

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