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Marimba Quartet No. 2

Marimba Quartet No. 2

Item no.: TSPCE17-007

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by Christopher Bradford

Advanced Concert Percussion

4 Players

Instrumentation: • 2 marimbas—(1) low A*, (1) low C** *Shared by players 1 & 2 **Shared by players 3 & 4

Marimba Quartet No. 2 is a bright, energetic piece by up-and-coming composer/percussionist Christopher Bradford. This work is full of rhythmic and harmonic twists and turns that weave an intricate but beautiful web for four players on two instruments. Two of the players share a 4.3-octave (low A) marimba while the other two share a 5-octave (low C) marimba.

The performers must be comfortable with quickly-changing odd time signatures over which harmonic and/or melodic elements often drift, both inside and outside of these time signatures. Evolved listening skills are essential, the results of which make for an excitingly fresh and challenging new piece of music.

An abridged version of Marimba Quartet No. 2 was premiered in the summer of 2016 by the Portland Percussion Group as part of their Call for Scores. This shorter version is also provided through edits marked in the score, allowing flexibility to suit different programming requirements.

In addition to the printed score you are receiving downloadable:

Individual Parts
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