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Lucid Mantra

Item nr.: TSPCE19-011

Lucid Mantra

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by Dustin Schulze

Medium/AdvancedConcert Percussion

14 Players

Dustin Schulze’s large ensemble piece Lucid Mantra centers around a continuous 16th-note groove started by the marimbas and subsequently carried throughout the ensemble. Schulze sought to create a jazz/funk inspired piece and, in his own words, the piece has a “highly syncopated texture, while still maintaining a deep pocket.” He achieves this jazz/funk feel brilliantly through an intriguingly syncopated melody, played by the crotales, glockenspiel, and vibraphones. In addition to rhythm section elements of bass and piano, the drumset part stands out as a featured voice. This part, in particular, requires a player with finesse and mastery of the instrument.

Instrumentation: • Crotales (2 octaves) • Glockenspiel • Chimes • 3 vibraphones • 4 marimbas—(3) 4-octave, (1) low A • Piano • Drums (drum set (kick, snare, rack tom, floor tom), djembe, cajón • Cymbals & gongs (drum set (hi-hat, ride, crash, (2) splashes), sizzle cymbal) • Accessories (triangle, shaker, shekere)

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