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Russell Wharton

Med-Advanced Snare Solo + Multimedia

When writing Kingdoms, Russell Wharton found inspiration in film and television, stating about his process: “I find myself envisioning a movie in my head, and simply attempting to write the soundtrack to that movie.” The resulting piece is a colorful, personality-filled portrayal of the insect life on our planet. In addition to the audio soundtrack, an optional (but encouraged) video accompaniment shows beautiful shots of these small creatures playing their many roles in nature. This piece provides a great opportunity for intermediate-advanced performers to showcase a wide range of musical character. Musically, Wharton is never shy about his influences, and honors the following in this piece: Garth Neustadter, Bon Iver, Hans Zimmer, Qasim Naqvi, Stranger Things, Holly Herndon, Blade Runner 2049, Mitch Murder, Hollow Knight, Bill Wurtz, Interstellar, and Square Peg Round Hole. Kingdoms ships as a full, bound score and includes the audio and optional video accompaniment for download.

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