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Into the Void

Into the Void

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Campbell, Mat

Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion

4 Players

Loosely depicting the composer's take on an out-of-body experience, this advanced work incorporates both voice and percussion and takes listeners on an incredible journey "into the void".

Instrumentation: SATB Choir Soprano, Alto Soloists Tuned Whirlies [at least 4] (F5) Percussion 1 Crotales [low oct.], Glockenspiel Percussion 2 Vibraphone, Chimes, Tuned Whirly (C5) Percussion 3 Tuned Gong (F4), Large Tam-Tam, Suspended Cymbal, Marimba [4.5-octave], Small Chamber Bass Drum or Slightly Muffled Concert Bass Drum Percussion 4 High and Low Triangles, Medium Tam-Tam, Suspended Cymbal, Djembe, Kick Drum, Vibraphone

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