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Into the Fray

Into the Fray

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Clayson, Robert

Easy/Medium Concert Percussion

4-13 Players

"Into the Fray" is a percussion ensemble with flexible instrumentation that is playable with as few as 4 players or as many as 13. It is a musical portrayal of someone getting prepared to face a significant challenge. The piece starts with a slow intense melody in the glockenspiel that makes its way throughout the entire ensemble. The piece is aggressive and is sure to get your students excited about playing percussion ensemble music!

Instrumentation: Xylophone Vibraphone* Chimes Marimba 1 [4-octave] Marimba 2 [4-octave] Timpani [2 drums] Snare Drum* Bass Drum Triangle Tambourine* Suspended Cymbal 2 Concert Toms *These instruments are required for performance. All others are optional.

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