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Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

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Brian S. Mason

Medium-Advanced Timpani solo

Instrumentation: 4 timpani

Brian S. Mason chose the title Hot Tubs in reference to “tubs” as a slang word for timpani, picked up as a freshman in college. The word “hot” references the nature of most of the piece: powerful, bombastic, and rhythmically charged. Some moments in the work provide a reprise, taking a more melodic and sensitive approach. Dampening is precisely indicated throughout, leading to a range of textures from the overlapping (or shortened) sounds of the drums. This work is a well-rounded technical showcase for developed players!

This solo can also be found in The Blue Book - Volume 3 along with over 40 other solos for snare drum, drum set, mallet keyboard, and timpani.

Hot Tubs ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover.

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