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by Adam Bruce

Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion

4 Players

Instrumentation: • Concert bass drum (or 2 concert BDs, OR 2 or 4 kick drums, depending on setup choice) • 2 bongos • 2 congas • 2 concert toms • propane tank • opera gong • 2 sets of hi-hats • 2 Zil Bels (or bell plates or metal pipes)

Hivemind by Adam Bruce is a two-movement quartet based on the idea that each player must have a perfectly matched sense of time, touch, and rhythmic interpretation, much like a marching bass drum line. The title is derived from the idea that players will need to share a collective consciousness, similar to how bees and ants share a “hivemind.”

The first movement, “Drone” plays on a rhythmic theme that is shared, displaced, and manipulated from player to player. The second movement, “Frenzy” is a fast-paced display of virtuosic timing. It also relies on the different tones that clicking sticks together can create based on the amount of pressure in one’s grip.

While Hivemind is not for the faint of heart, when performed well, it’s sure to leave audiences mesmerized and engaged!

In addition to the printed score you are receiving downloadable:

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