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Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals

Item no.: TSPCE20-003

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by Rick Dior

Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion

8 Players

Instrumentation: • Metals High-pitched brake drum, metal crasher (w/ jingles), reco-reco (mounted, incl. high/low bell pitches and spring for reverberation as well as scraping and hitting), small triangle, trim-bell (3-pitched agogo bells or 3 high pitched cowbells), med-high triangle, satellite bells w/ 4 distinct pitches (or 4 pots/pans), honing spring, medium triangle, metal guiro, anvil w/ 3 pitches (or 3 metal pipes), 2 small cup chimes (or cymbal bells), metal instrument w/ 6 pitches, large triangle (mounted), spiral cymbal (small), hanging trine, hanging spring, heavy metal pipe, water phone (optional, share w/ P7), metal plate (heavy), 4-6 small temple bowls, sleigh bells, metal shaker, metal instrument w/5 pitches, large cowbell, 4 opera gongs on table (low to high), water phone (optional, share w/ P6), thundersheet w/ kick drum pedal*, heavy hi-hats (i.e., Sabian choppers), metal ribbon strip (thin), spiral cymbal (large), 2 satellite bells (or pots/pans), ribbon crasher *For the thundersheet kick drum effect, the pedal should have a very hard wood or phenolic beater. The suspended thundersheet should have a kick drum impact pad on it for maximum punch.

Rick Dior’s Heavy Metals is a fun, exciting percussion ensemble filled with clanging groove! Taking its title from the various all-metal instrumentation, this piece requires not only a large array of unique instruments and objects, but a deep sense of groove across the ensemble. Dior recommends that the piece be performed in a theatrical and over-the-top manner with lots of body movement from the performers. He also recommends that performers should feel free to improvise on any metal objects nearby including music stands, cymbal stands, or stage rigging. Because Heavy Metals is scored for such specialized instruments, several instrument substitutions are listed in the piece and according to Mr. Dior, the piece “can be customized with any metal items available.”

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