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Füm Drum

Füm Drum

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by Brian Slawson

Medium Concert Percussion

9 Players

Instrumentation: • Glockenspiel • Xylophone • Chimes • Vibraphone • Marimba (low A) • Piano • 3 timpani • Drumset • Cymbals & gongs (suspended cymbal, tam-tam) • Drums (bongos, concert bass drum) • Accessories (bell tree, tambourine, cowbell)

Füm Drum is a two movement piece for percussion ensemble by Brian Slawson. The piece was commissioned as a holiday work by Jim McCarl for the Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Percussion Ensemble from Melbourne, Florida.

The first movement, Into the Light, has a dark and plodding character where one might envision the long, arduous trek of the three wise men to witness their new born King. The wildly contrasting second movement, Füm Drum, is a high-energy Mozambique (Afro-Cuban). Its narrative might suggest the wise men’s celebration upon arrival as told by the modern percussionist. There are three brief four-bar solos where performers get an opportunity to perform a written solo or improvise if they wish.

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