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Flawed Perfection

Item nr.: TSPCS15-005

Flawed Perfection

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Dustin Schulze

Med-Advanced Marimba solo

Flawed Perfection was composed by Dustin Schulze to convey the idea that both beauty and angst, while contradictory, can often exist together. Schulze’s compositional style includes aspects of groove-based minimalism and lyrical simplicity. In this four-minute marimba solo composed for an experienced intermediate performer, idiomatic 4-mallet techniques and accent patterns exist to serve music which is focused and light, yet earnest. It also calls for the unique addition of a foot pedal with a shaker which, when employed midway through the piece, adds a new textural foundation on which the melodic statements are framed. This piece ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover.

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