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First Things First

First Things First

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Alan Keown

Behind every successful percussionist is a solid foundation that led to a truly musical voice. Designed for beginning snare drummers, percussion education veteran Alan Keown brings an immensely useful supplement to the curriculum for beginning players.

Through basic rhythmic vocabulary, dynamics, and rhythmic themes, the included five solos present a solid path to musical dexterity, while the two duets and one trio provide opportunities to hone communication skills crucial for ensemble performance. All pieces are laid out such that there are no page turns, and duet/trio parts can be read directly from each student’s copy of the score.

The following beginner-level pieces are included in this collection:

Solo: First Things First (1’45”)
Solo: Fun Run (1’20”)
Solo: Summer Vacation (1’45”)
Solo: Roller Coaster (1’55”)
Solo: Eagle’s Flight (2’35”)
Duet: Drums 4.2 (1’35”)
Duet: Two Heads are Better than One! (1’45”)
Trio: Three’s Company (1’55”)

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