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Field Level

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Field Level

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by Mike Lynch & Scott Brown

Percussion Instructors: 2x National Champion, Lassiter H. S. Band.

Complete Band Director's Guide for the marching percussion section. This 216 page manual will guide you through every topic there is to help you & your percussionists build a well-balanced and competitive drum-line. Included is a CD-Rom containing the music audio as well as printable PDF parts for the entire ensemble.

A Brief Breakdown:

Unit One: Rehearsal techniques & common-sense rules.

Unit Two: The Front Ensemble including set-up, a thorough description of the keyboards, grips (including 4-mallets) & maintenance. Electronics in the front ensemble as well as a complete timpani tutorial. Technique & descriptions for accessory percussion instruments.

Unit Three: The Battery Section! Tuning, technique & maintenace for the snare drum, tenors, bass drums & crash cymbals. (With a brief section on cymbal visuals!)

Unit Four: A comprehensive exercise program for the complete ensemble.

Unit Five: Cadence and stand grooves for the drum-line.

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