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Fever Dream

Fever Dream

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Daughtrey, Nathan

Medium/Advanced Concert Percussion

4 Players

Fever Dream is a colorful battery percussion quartet that draws inspiration from the composer's personal experience with a cycle of post-apocalyptic nightmares that a accompanied a nasty bout of tonsillitis. The piece takes the listener on a powerful journey through several textures and moods.

Instrumentation: Player 1 (Db crotale on 26" timpano, bell tree, 4 pitched aluminum pipes [C5, F5, Bb5, Db6], snare drum) Player 2 (concert bass drum, 2 congas, bongos, 2 cymbals stacks, sizzle ride, 2 low hardwood slats) Player 3 (tam-tam, 4 pitched aluminum pipes [Db5, Gb5, C6, F6], 3 graduated triangles, 2 brake drums, China cymbal) Player 4 (kick bass drum, 4 concert toms, snare drum, 2 low hardwood slats)

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