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Elements in Time - DEVELOPING

Elements in Time - DEVELOPING

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Danny Raymond

Medium Snare Solo Compilation

Instrumentation: Snare drum

Master snare drummer Danny Raymond's Elements in Time series starts off with the DEVELOPING edition. In this collection, Raymond delivers three intermediate level snare drum solos designed to educate and entertain, qualities which are trademark Danny!

This piece ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover.

Uncommon Ground (1:50 - Medium) In Uncommon Ground, the performer must navigate a series of five-beat phrases reminiscent of 5/8 time, but delivered here as 3/4 + 2/4 time signatures at a quick tempo. Stick clicks, rim shots, and simple visual embellishments make the piece fun to watch and to play, and the easy-to-follow musical phrasing will stick in your head like a pop song!

The Waco Kid (2:20 - Medium) "Well, raise my rent! You ARE the Kid!" The Waco Kid is essentially a shout-out to fans of the Mel Brooks classic comedy Blazing Saddles. The personality of this solo is self-evident; the wild west, galloping horses, and big hats all come to mind when listening. Technically speaking, there are a handful of flams to contend with and two moderate triplet roll passages to challenge young cowhands. (See what we did there?)

Transformer (2:50 - Medium) As the title of the last piece in this collection subtly implies, Transformer revolves around the perfomer switching his or her playing grip back and forth between matched grip and traditional grip. This solo would be a good choice for a snare student looking for more experience with each grip and serves as an introduction into some of the material one might encounter in a marching band setting. Performers will encounter a number of paradiddle-like sticking variations as well as some quick metering changes between 8th-note, triplet, and 16th-note rhythms. Short, strictly-metered buzz roll passages will help players learn some discipline with their rolls. Lastly, there are some fun visual elements that will engage an audience without being overly difficult.


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