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Double Play

Double Play

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Danny Raymond

Medium-Easy Snare Solo

Instrumentation: Concert snare drum

Double Play is a solo by Danny Raymond designed for the beginner to intermediate level percussionist. At a brisk tempo of 140-150 bpm, the piece takes the performer through a variety of paradiddle stickings and double strokes in a straight, groove-oriented, 2/4 time signature. It even features a slow-to-fast double-stroke roll breakdown section!

This piece comes as a bound folio containing the sheet music, performance notes, a notation key, and even warm-up exercises specific to the piece!

This solo was extracted from Danny’s 9-solo compilation DVD “Let It Rip.” The DVD contains not only printable PDFs of the sheet music and performance videos of each, but also tips & tricks, warm-up exercises, interviews, and more. 

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